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  • Vincent Papaleo & Associates

    A boutique practice with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra
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  • Vincent Papaleo & Associates

    Specialises in working with families that have experienced parental separation, family law difficulties, child behaviour problems or mental illness in children
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  • Vincent Papaleo & Associates

    Experts in areas which there are concerns about safety and risk
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Our Team

We comprise a team of the most highly skilled and respected clinicians in Australia, who provide assessment and treatment services in some of the most complex family circumstances.  

We aim to assist parents and children to successfully navigate challenging circumstances that can ensue following the breakdown of a parental relationship. 

Our Experts

Assessments and interventions

seek to reduce the need for litigation, and aim to resolve situations that may have become intractable. We also work in other areas of forensic practice, including mental health assessments, doli incapax evaluations, sexual risk examinations,  child protection cases, and family violence matters. 

Summary of Services

  • Family Assessments / Family Reports
  • Single Expert Evaluations
  • Risk Assessments (Violence and Sexual Risk)
  • Child Inclusive Conferences (Short Form / Limited Issue Reports)
  • Co-Parenting Interventions
  • Mental Health Evaluations
  • Neuropsychological Examinations
  • Child Protection Assessments
  • Interventions for Children and Teenagers
  • Parenting Co-Ordination
  • CLE and Professional Training

Recent Podcasts

Staff at VP & Assoc are frequently asked to undertake interviews and contribute in the media to family law topics. Dr Ben Jones and Vincent Papaleo, the two partners at our firm are interviewed in these podcasts. Listen here:

We're Partnering

Vincent Papaleo & Associates are pleased to be partnering with Workplace Conversations who provide innovative, group-based, in-house support services to the Family Law community.

If your workplace is looking for ways to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing issues and cultivate a supportive work environment, then get in touch via or visit their website, to find out more.

Fees And Appointments

Fees for assessment services vary depending on the requirements of the assessment, the number of children involved, and the overall complexity of the matter. Costs include all consultations, observations, review of materials, test administration/scoring, and liaison with any third parties (e.g., lawyers, ICLs, doctors, psychologists, teachers etc.). For more information regarding costs and appointment wait times, please contact the practice. 

To discuss services, organise an appointment, or schedule an assessment, Please call Head Office intake on: 0422 153 802